Sunday Tapes #03: Microondas

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Sunday Tapes are unique half-hour sessions, featuring a variety of bands.

They are recorded live at the Sonic Playground studio, usually on a Sunday.

About the band:

MicroondaS are a toy band based in the unsanitary environment of the Athenian downtown.

They were formed in 2011 when old childhood friends BetaMin (Dimitris Kotselis) and Panagiotis Paraskevaidis met after a long time.

A TV set on the background was showing “The Long Goodbye”.They started listening to old, dusty tunes on a faulty tape deck and this is how it all started.

Vasia Bakogianni, initially made a guest appearance in the project, and fit in perfectly.

The band rehearses in a living room, with the neighbors’ tolerance, and band members alternate in their instruments and equipment.

This is why MicroondaS call their music idiom “chamber rock and roll music”. The band loves traditional music forms from the “other side” of the Atlantic, weird tunes, and visits to local hardware stores (where they get their equipment).

Members: Panagiotis Paraskevaidis (guitars, noises) Vasia Bakogianni (groovy rhtythm, vox) BetamiN (telecaster, loudspeaker, vox)