SPD#015: The Snow Twins – Over the Line / Amnesia (We Were Getting So Close)

The Snow Twins:

A duo in which guitar and drums mix and oppose themselves, summoning reminiscences that reverb crudely. The Snow Twins doesn’t restrain to the modern musical archetype: metronomic rhythms, complex harmonies and charming melodies. Binding the resources in order to drip the creativity out is what results the band’s sound.
The Snow Twins are Luan Machado and Helen Souza, initially classmates during college who got to know each other better after exchanging information about music. The friendship turned up into a relationship and the duo itself was born after a random rehearsal made on a friend’s house unintentionally.
Over The Line and Amnesia (We Were Getting So Close), as many other songs from the duo, were created after a random guitar riff/vocal line which was recorded on the cell phone in order to be remembered later and completed during a rehearsal. They were written along with five other songs one week before the band’s first gig.

These two songs are also part of The Snow Twins debut album.

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Artwork by  Libby Swanner // facebook