SPD#010: Kingdom of the Holy Sun – Her Sweet Delight / In the Realms of Light

About Kingdom of the Holy


Guido Anselmi started the band last February 2012 in Seattle, WA. He writes all the tunes and arrangements. The idea behind the band was to somehow combine disparate and contrasting influences such as shoegaze, 60’s garage rock and psychedelia, drones and rhythms from the Far East into something cohesive, original and yet somehow still not shy away from those influences. They currently have 3 self produced CDs available on bandcamp for free with an EP coming out soon.

A few  words from Guido:

The first song Her sweet delight, I wrote about a woman and an obsession, the rest is up for interpretation, I guess.

The second song, In the Realms of Light, is song I wrote after listening to We will fall by The Stooges,
although I don’t think they sound much alike.

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