SPD#006: Fad TMB – Head Down / Axle Rot


About Fad TMB:

As footwork rose to international blog-prominence in 2010, then-high-schooler Dro Carey became, like so many electronic and dance music enthusiasts, completely entranced and enamored with the raw energy of the music and the accompanying dances. Excited, he showed a friend of his, a prominent Hip-Hop dancer, some videos of footwork circles and parties. The friend dismissed it as a ‘fad,’ deflating Dro a bit in the process. This was the genesis of the alias for Dro Carey’s own footwork project, Fad TMB (the TMB referring to the friend’s crew at the time), is a strange, tongue-in-cheek title and the ‘fad’ part is certainly not meant to reflect his attitude towards juke and footwork music.

Though he was passionate, like any new endeavour, the first steps were shaky. Dro spent time getting an education of sorts, particularly valuable were Dave Quam/Massacooramaan’s blog ‘It’s After the End of the World,’ as well as the generous archives of Markus and Jerome LOL. This encouraged the exploration of the key early juke and ghetto house material from labels like Dance Mania; the predecessors of the more frenetic bangz found on YouTube and Souncloud today. Other fellow ‘outsider’ footwork makers, Cedaa and Lil Jabba were also sources of inspiration. After many YouTube uploads and streamed odds and ends, Head Down / Axle Rot marks the first official release of any Fad TMB material.

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